Our Profile

Business Name
Ascension Homes as a Business Name was established on the Twenty Fourth of June 1997. Ascension Homes is owned by Ronald and Helena Waddell.

Ronald Gordon Waddell was originally licensed with what was known as the Builders Registration Board of Queensland, which then became the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) and is now the Queensland Building and Construction Commission since the Nineteenth of December 1991 (QBCC Licence No 23986)

Ascension Homes are proud to be members of the Master Builders Association.

Licensee History
Ron Waddell commenced a Wood Machining apprenticeship in 1975 which he completed 1978 and subsequently, extended his employment with that company for a further two and a half years.

Upon leaving that trade in 1981 he commenced a second trade qualification in Carpentry when he joined his father in a sub-contract carpentry partnership. Ron and his father contracted to several building firms for a further seven years, until his father’s retirement from the industry in 1988. Ron continued contracting to local firms until 1992.

Owner Managers

ron-waddellBoth Ron and Helena Waddell grew up and were educated in Mackay. Ron attended North Mackay Primary School and North Mackay High School matriculating in 1974.

Helena attended St. Joseph’s Primary School and Our Lady of Mercy College matriculating in 1976. At the point she immediately commenced her nursing training and gained her qualification as a Registered Nurse and continues with this still today.

Ron and Helena have two children, Hayley and Danielle both of whom have completed their university degrees and are working within the community in their chosen careers.

“We both enjoy working with our clients and are always particularly excited at ‘hand over’ time to see the genuine joy and appreciation afforded us by  grateful clients”  Ron & Helena Waddell